Iran Hijab Row: The news of the dissolution of the Morality Police is wrong. The western media showed haste?

It seems that the Western media has been in a hurry to report the dissolution of the ‘morality police in Iran. This news was given quoting the statement of the Attorney General of Iran. But as soon as this news spread, the Iranian media called it completely wrong. According to Iranian media, the only news so far is that Iran’s parliament and the judiciary are reconsidering the law making it compulsory for women to wear hijab.

As far as the Morality Police is concerned, it comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Attorney General cannot make any announcement in this regard.

Along with the talk of reconsidering the hijab law, Attorney General Mohammad Zafar Montazeri was quoted as saying that the Morality Police had been disbanded. After this news was denied in the Iranian media, many Western media organizations tried to know the reaction of the Ministry of Interior of Iran. But the Ministry of Home Affairs did not answer any of those questions.

In Iran, women must wear hijabs in every public place. The Morality Police is in place to enforce this Islamic rule. The women who are found without hijab are taken by the Morality Police to their training center. Last September, a similar incident happened in the Kurdish region of Iran, where 22-year-old Mehsa Amini was caught without a hijab. Morality police took Amini to his training center, where he died.

Since this incident, there have been continuous public demonstrations in Iran. In these, there has been a demand to abolish the system of forcibly imposing morality. The government of Iran has taken strict action against the protesters. The government claims that the cause of Amini’s death was her illness, which she was suffering from. But Amini’s family has denied this.

The first sign of softening the Iranian government’s stance amid the ongoing agitation came on Sunday when Montajeri’s statement came. He said that the Parliament and the Judiciary are reviewing the Hijab Law, and you will see the results in the next week or two. Hijab law in Iran was implemented after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. But it has never been opposed on the scale seen in the last two and a half months.

After Montajeri’s statement, the government media institutions of Iran said- ‘Morality Police has no relation with the judiciary. The judiciary must continue to monitor social behavior.’ Arab-speaking state TV channel Al-Alam said on Sunday itself- ‘No official of the Islamic Republic of Iran has said that the morality-directed patrolling police have been closed. The TV channel said that in connection with Montazzi’s statement, it should be kept in mind that the Morality Police has no connection with the judiciary. The channel said the news about hijab and religious morality has no basis.

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