India’s condition for talks with Pakistan:

India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has put a condition on Monday for starting talks with Pakistan. He said India would not start talks with Pakistan until it gives up terror. Jaishankar made this statement during a conversation with German Foreign Minister Annalena Beerbock.

¬†Talking to the media, Jaishankar said I have talked to Annalena Bareback regarding Pakistan. I have conveyed India’s concerns to him regarding cross-border terror. But the biggest challenge is that we cannot talk to Pakistan while there is terror. He also said that the Foreign Minister of Germany understood India’s position.

Talks were also held in many other countries, including Afghanistan and Iran.

S Jaishankar and the German Foreign Minister discussed not only Pakistan but also the Ukraine war, Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria. Which was said to be very important from India’s side. During talks with Foreign Minister Annalena Bareback, India has again clarified its stand regarding Russia.

Told the EU not to lecture India

Jaishankar said India will maintain economic relations with Russia for its national interests. He again accused the Western countries of having a double attitude regarding trade relations with Russia. Jaishankar claimed that the European Union is continuously buying Russian oil and energy. While lecturing India not to do so.




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