India will test the most dangerous missile in the Indian Ocean, China panicked:

Beijing: India has put the Chinese dragon in tension by announcing the test of its most dangerous missile in the Indian Ocean. Frightened by this, China sent its superpowerful spy ship Yuan Wang-5 to the Indian Ocean. In fact, India has issued a NOTAM or notice to alert sailors in the Indian Ocean that it will conduct a test flight of an experimental vehicle between December 15 and 16. India has issued NOTAM for 5500 km.

It is believed that by issuing a NOTAM of 5400 km, India has indicated that it can test the Agni-5 missile. There is also speculation that India may test its deadliest submarine-launched K-5 missile. The range of this missile is up to 5500 km. Whether this missile is Agni-5 or K-5, both of them are the most dangerous missiles of India. The success of testing these killer missiles will ensure that India can target any part of China at any time.

Yuan Wang-5 heading toward the Indian Ocean region

India has frequently test-fired the short-range Agni-5 missile, which officially has a range of up to 5,400 km. This missile is capable of destroying any part of mainland of China. It is believed that India will test this missile with full range this time to test its power to hit China. Seeing this plan of India, China was scared and sent its spy ship Yuan Wang-5.

Open-source intelligence @detresfa_ has revealed, based on satellite images, that this ship is heading toward the Indian Ocean. He said, ‘There is speculation, but it seems that China’s satellite and missile tracking ship Yuan Wang-5 is again heading towards the Indian Ocean region.’ This is the same spy ship that had come to the Indian Ocean in the past and had taken shelter at Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port. India and America strongly opposed this Chinese spy ship’s stay in Sri Lanka.

This spy ship is operated by the Chinese army, and the Yuanwang 5 ship can smell missiles from a distance of hundreds of km.

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