ICMR on target of hackers after AIIMS, a big cyber attack on server:

Cybercriminals in Hong Kong have tried to hack the server of ICMR, i.e., the Indian Council of Medical Research. However, cybercriminals could not get success in their plan. If sources are to be believed, this hacking attempt has been made from a blacklisted IP address based in Hong Kong. Cyber ​​criminals made this attempt on 30 November.

The surprising thing is that criminals tried not once or twice but more than 6 thousand times to hack the ICMR server. However, the hackers could not succeed in their plan. If sources are to be believed, an attempt to hack the ICMR server was made through a blacklisted IPA address in Hong Kong. Has been done since. Currently, the National Informatics Center (NIC) is preparing a detailed report on hacking.

Delhi AIIMS and Safdarganj were also targeted by hackers.

On November 23, there was panic in Delhi’s AIIMS hospital when its server remained down for 9 hours. After this, on December 2, there was a cyber attack again on the five main servers of the hospital. Because of this, the server was completely down.

On December 2, there was a cyber attack again on the five main servers of the hospital. It was suspected that these cyber attacks were made by Chinese hackers. Right now, the issue of Delhi AIIMS was going on that on December 4, the news of a cyber attack also came out from Safdarganj Hospital in Delhi. However, it was not a serious attack like Delhi AIIMS.

Delhi AIIMS suspends two employees.

Hospitals have the personal data of a large number of patients. In such a situation, hackers can try to steal that data. In the case of Delhi AIIMS, two employees have also been suspended. Both of these employees used to work as system analysts at Delhi AIIMS.

Earlier show-cause notices were issued to both of these employees. However, the hospital administration was not satisfied with the answer given by both, after which both were suspended. On the other hand, the hospital director, Dr. BL Sherwal, issued a statement regarding the cyber attack on Safdarganj. Dr. BL Sherwal had said that the attack on Safdarganj was not very effective. He said that only some technical part of the hospital was affected by this attack due to the server being down for a day.

At the same time, he also claimed that no patient’s data was harmed in the attack. He said that the technical problems were rectified immediately with the help of the team of NIC and hospital administration.

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