China will deploy super destructive weapons in preparation for an attack on India from Africa:

Djibouti City: The Chinese army is not only showing eyes from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh but has also greatly strengthened its war preparedness in the Indian Ocean. China has made Africa it’s base to encircle India in the Indian Ocean. Pakistan is also openly supporting this dangerous trick of China. The annual report of the US Ministry of Defense has revealed that China has prepared its first foreign naval base Djibouti in such a way that it can deploy destroyer warships at any time.

China’s deadly submarines are also circling in the Indian Ocean. China has made this preparation at a time when both the aircraft carriers of the Indian Navy are not yet in a position to give a befitting reply to the dragon attack. The US report states that China, equipped with hundreds of nuclear weapons and killer missiles, can deploy aircraft carriers, massive warships, and submarines at its Djibouti airbase in Africa. This can prove to be a significant threat to the Indian Navy. The US Defense Ministry said, ‘In March 2022, China sent its Type 903A warship to Djibouti. This indicates that the port is now fully ready for large warships.

This port can accommodate aircraft carriers, other warships, and submarines of the Chinese Navy. This is not the first time that the US has warned that China is preparing itself to deploy aircraft carriers in the Indian Ocean. America has also said that no one can stop China from entering the Indian Ocean today.

China wants to enter the Indian Ocean via Djibouti.

China built its naval base in Djibouti in the year 2017. This is the first time that China has set up a base abroad. The US has expressed concern that China’s naval base could have a major impact on regional security and stability, including India. China claims that this Djibouti naval base is to support the United Nations Security Mission in Africa, but experts believe that this is not the real intention of the dragon. He said that China wants to expand globally, and for this, it wants to enter the Indian Ocean. This means that Chinese naval ships will now be able to patrol the Indian Ocean more aggressively. This includes the area of ​​Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan, which is strategically very important for India.

At the same time, some experts say that China can use this huge naval base to demonstrate its power in the Indian Ocean region. China is the largest trading partner of many countries in the Indian Ocean. The Djibouti Naval Base is strategically located at an important entry point to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. This is part of China’s ‘String of Pearls’ strategy that it is adopting to expand its influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

India is closely monitoring China’s Djibouti Naval Base, which can have a major impact on our security and interests. The Djibouti base is located near three of the world’s most important trade routes – the Suez Canal connecting Asia with Europe, the Bab el Mandeb Strait connecting Europe with Africa, and the Gulf of Aden connecting Africa with Asia.

Both the aircraft carriers of India are not in working condition.

This Djibouti Naval Base is also close to Somalia and Yemen, infamous for maritime smuggling and terrorist activities. This is the reason why China has made Djibouti it’s base. Through this, China is rapidly increasing its influence on Africa, where there is a huge reserve of metals like diamonds, gold, and rare earth. Under its String of Pearl policy, China is increasing its influence in India’s neighboring countries, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. China has already built ports in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. China fears that India can challenge the trade through the Malacca Strait at any time. For this reason, it is increasing its power in the Indian Ocean. The British newspaper Financial Times quoted experts as saying that India is currently avoiding any confrontation with China.

The Financial Times said China’s Djibouti Naval Base is just 2000 nautical miles from India’s Mumbai port. China’s navy is the largest in the world. Both the aircraft carriers of India are not in working condition. India’s new aircraft carrier is ready, but fighter jets cannot land on it yet. This is why there is a danger of a limited conflict between India and China. Recently, China objected to the maneuvers of the US Army at a distance of just 100 km from the Chinese border. America had also given a befitting reply to this to China. Experts say that China considers America equal power, which is a matter of crisis for India. This is why China is making military preparations for a collision with America, which India can never match.




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